Heirloom Gold

Melting down heirloom gold *

Heirloom gold is what we call the gold that you already own. Our Heirloom Collection is inspired by the stories bound to this inherited gold.

Jewellery often has a sentimental story attached to it as it can be handed down through families, given as a gift or as a memento of a cherished relationship. Heirloom gold is valuable and especially precious to you because of the story that it tells. 

But too often this family treasure is locked away for safe keeping. It may be difficult to wear because it is not your size, it is broken or perhaps it is just not your style? Fashions become outdated and your jewellery becomes unworn.

We can use your heirloom gold by melting it down and remodeling it into a piece of new, contemporary jewellery.


Our Heirloom Collection and Wedding Bands are handmade using traditional forging and shaping methods.

This means that every piece can be made by melting down your own heirloom gold or from new Fairtrade gold.

We can take your gold and rework it into a new piece of jewellery without compromising its value. In fact, we believe that by using your heirloom gold you are adding a less-tangible sustainable social value to your jewellery.

These pieces are made entirely by hand so please allow 4 weeks production time from when you place your order.


Gold on the scales *

We understand how valuable your heirloom gold is to you. When you commission us to make a new piece of jewellery with your gold we will take every precaution to protect and value your property.

As soon as we receive your gold we will take a photo of it on our scales and email it to you to confirm its safe delivery and its weight.

Throughout the process of transformation into a new piece of jewellery, your gold will always be treasured and kept separate from that of anyone else. 

We want you to hear your stories. We want to transform your precious gold into a new piece of contemporary jewellery that you can cherish and be excited about wearing again.

We believe that gold should adorn you.